The Companies in GMC Family

GMC Family of Companies

Under the umbrella companies of Global Media Connect (GMC), we represent a wide range of industries and services, such as SaaS Provider for the Radio Broadcasting Industry, investment, Social Media Services, Human Resources services, SaaS Platform, local radio, Cable & Satellite TV Station. Active business portfolios are Radio.Cloud, intalenta, Global Technology Alliance, and Besides, our successfully exited businesses are SmartCast, Radio Hitwelle, and DMF (Deutsches Musik Fernsehen). Global Media Connect (GMC) expansion is followed by the acknowledgment of accomplishments. Our success is inextricably linked to teamwork.

Active Business Portfolios


Offices: New York (USA), Garching (Deutschland), Jakarta (Indonesia), Singapore (Singapore)

Radio.Cloud is the industry’s first 100% native cloud-based automation, content management, and production platform, and won two “Product of The Year” awards at the 2022 NAB Show. At Radio.Cloud, we’re using our combined knowledge, experience, and passion to take radio to the next level – and shift broadcast operations from the server room into the cloud. When it comes to the future of radio, we think the sky’s the limit thanks to our SMART solution [Simple. Mobile. Agile. Radio. Technology.]

It is now a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) in 6 weeks.

The company has 160 affiliates in Germany and a handful in the United States including Throwback 102.3 (WYET-FM/South Bend, IN) and 101.5 K-Hits (KCCL-FM/Sacramento).

Office: Jakarta (Indonesia)

intalenta has developed into a professional human resource services company. We serve small to medium-sized businesses, enabling clients to focus on business progress and corporate goals without worrying about the recruiting process. We assist clients to make efficient decisions, and deliver one-stop solutions to aid in hiring highly qualified talents in the fields of digital marketing and software programming. GMD also prioritizes professionalism by monitoring the development and progress of employees.

We deliver the Software Programmer who has expertise in cloud engineering created Radio.Cloud, user-friendly interfaces for everyone in the radio industry and build up the Software Programmer team from 1 person to 13 people.

Our Digital Marketing Specialists create content to increase traffic. We help Telamo to get achievement in the German online newsletter, MusikWoche. “Schlager für Alle”, the digital service from the Telamo hit label, now has 1.7 million users on channels.

Global Technology Alliance

Offices: Hong Kong (SAR China), Singapore (Singapore), Garching (Deutschland)

Global Technology Alliance (GTA) is a Hong Kong-based investment company, supporting start-ups with smart capital, strategic advice and business contacts. We focus on technology start-ups with a proven, quickly scalable business case, ready to take the next step on their growth journey. We are not just a source of funding, but a strategic investor looking for opportunities to contribute our extensive experience in both Asia and Europe to drive the business development of our start-up partners.

Our investments cover these industries: AdTechAI and Machine Learning, E-Commerce, EdTech, Fintech, HR Tech and Internet of Things (IoT), including CheckYeti. CheckYeti is the largest online platform to book activities in 900+ mountain and beach destinations across Europe with 10 000+ offers in 14 countries.

After giving funding, we provide support on the journey of Rocketbots’ development. The Rocketbots platform uses self-learning AI to help agents respond faster by suggesting replies and automating conversations.

Offices: Garching (Deutschland). is a digital marketing agency, focusing on the music and broadcasting industries. We provide content creation and management services for platforms including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Spotify, and TikTok, while rapidly increasing our client’s reach and popularity. We maintain and monetize radio streaming’s social media for 80’s, 90’s, and Schlager Total to get likes and community. Our top client is the market-leading label for German music “Telamo” with a reach of 1.4 million users per month. In the radio industry we serve Germany’s biggest DAB+ radio group Absolut Radio. In addition, we operate several radio stations and social media sites with more than 200,000 fans on Facebook.

Successfully Exited Businesses

Offices: Princeton (USA), Munich, (Germany), Hong Kong (SAR China), Singapore (Singapore), Seoul (South Korea), Mumbai (India), Bangkok (Thailand), Jakarta (Indonesia)

SmartCast was a service provider for more than 500 TV broadcasters around the world with highly innovative technology. Since 2014, SmartCast belongs to SES, the world’s leading satellite company. The first two years after the acquisition, the SmartCast entity was an independent and stand-alone unit in the SES group.

Since November 2016, SmartCast is part of SES’s service provider MX1. SmartCast continues as a product name and the former SmartCast team continues to be responsible for cloud-based playout within MX1.

Radio Hitwelle

Offices: Munich / Erding (Germany)

Radio Hitwelle is a local FM radio for Munich and the region. Many new radio technologies were developed for inhouse use and later became popular products for other radio stations. It is transformed to ROCK ANTENNE (part of Antenne Bayern group – Germany’s largest commercial radio broadcaster) in 2011.

DMF (Deutsches Musik Fernsehen)

Office: Bremen (Germany)

A popular music TV station that still exists under this brand since funding. Today DMF is part of ACDM Group, Germany’s leading company for German language music.

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